About Us

ArcaMax Construction & Building provide premium contracting service from design to completion, we apply high engineering standards to exceed our client expectation.

we have continuously spent a lot of efforts to introduce high quality, comprehensive and cultivated services & products to optimize the investment value for our projects. In that spiral, we have applied strictly technical standards, procedures and modern technology in our construction services, in addition we make sure that the construction phases are monitored by time, quality and cost.

We always put human capital on the top, with the working capability of qualified experienced professional staff, engineers, architects, experts and workers .

They can operate work ethically and professionally, putting health & safety as their priorities.

ArcaMax has completed great deals of high quality works that totally meet the strictest requirements of clients. We have always respected cooperation relation with consultancy units, research institutes, companies inside and outside the country so as to enhance the quality of products and services.

ArcaMax is one of the fastest-growing general contracting companies in the Egyptian market. Established in 2009. We provide an extreme construction experience starting from design, civil, Architecture, fully finishing and MEP ending with delivering turn key projects. We pride ourselves provide a unique business model, aiming to create a unique construction experience and value in everything we do.

Our client base is wide and varied across our Commercial, Residential, ِ Administrative, Banking, Hospitality, Industrial, Clubs, Retail and Automotive divisions.

Our Team

We are a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete our projects on time, within budget and with high quality.